Service Credentials

Serving Big Bear Valley for 10 Years!

Bear Valley Pool & Spa takes pride in our work and we make every effort to provide the Highest Customer Service and Quality for our Clients.

  1. BVPS is the only Licensed, Insured and Certified Pool Maintenance company in the Big Bear Valley.
  2. Licensed with the City of Big Bear Lic # 00027416
  3. Licensed with the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) #954494
  4. Bonded with American Contractors Indemnity Company # 100135542
  5. ADP Payroll and Work Comp Coverage
  6. Insured with Essex Insurance Company Policy no. RPG3100020-0
  7. Mercury Commercial Auto coverage for all our Employees and Vehicles
  8. CPO (Commercial Pool Operator) Certified by National Swimming Pool Foundation.
  9. BioGuard Chemical corp. Certified Manufactures Rep. and Platinum Dealer.
    • BioGaurd Chem College Coarse Instruction for Pool & Spa Maintenance Courses in the Big Bear Valley
  1. Retail Store Located Locally at 41011 Big Bear Blvd, open 7 days 8:30-5:30 with a full stock of pool & spa chemicals and accessories.
  1. Factory trained and Certified Pool/Spa Repair & Service Techs with over 20 yrs experience.
    • Hot Spring, Sundandce, Bullfrog  “A” Certified
  1. Fully trained & certified in California AB 1020 VGB (Virginia Grant Baker Act) Compliance.  [capable of Ca Dept. of Health 1020 certification]
  1. Available 24/7 for any emergency with excellent customer service and friendly staff.